Product Application

manufactures a wide range of EVA, Polyolefin, and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for various types of applications, including: manual and automatic carton sealing, book binding, plywood composing, automotive parts assembly, diaper & sanitary napkin manufacturing, material lamination, paper & textiles manufacturing, air filters, furniture manufacturing, woodworking and handicrafts.

Art & Craft

Advin-ECO glue sticks are ideal for a wide range of DIY, handicraft, home decor and art craft applications. We produce diversified range of glue sticks of various diameter and length to suits customers requirement and operation needs i.e. open and set times, tack properties etc.

Book Binding

Advin-Melt has a range of adhesives for bookbinding applications such as spine glue and side glue.


The combination of experience and expertise in the requirements of the non-woven industry make us the natural choice for manufacturers of diapers, napkins, medical gowns, incontinence pads and many others who need to bond non-woven materials.


have years of experience in packaging adhesives and a reputation for a reliability, quality, consistency and provide customised formulated adhesive for your unique substrate material and requirements. With our level of practical experience, we are your one-stop shop for packaging adhesives.


Advin-Melt is specially designed hot melt adhesives with unique properties to meet customers’ requirements in the assembly of various products like Lid and consignment note pouch for LDPE and HDPE courier bags, Car carpet and upholstery, Electrical appliances, Fibre optic cable and Geo-synthetic textiles.

Air Filter

At , our range of Advin-ECO and Advin-Prime products are developed for a wide diversity of applications which include pleating with separator, edge sealing and bonding of complex material from Polyolefin fibres to Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Wood Working

Advin-ECO EVA based hot melt adhesives can be used to bond variety of materials including MDF, particle board and all type of hard and soft wood as well as plastics and metals.